Supporting our community to thrive


In keeping with our principles, we are committed to driving value for our clients and the wider community in which we live and work in. Our firm has invested over 35 years within the UAE, acting as enablers of growth and development. More recently, we have supported the following initiatives to continue ensuring the UAE achieves its ambition.


As part of our commitment to Emiratisation, the firm provides internships and training contracts for young Emirati law students and new graduates. This aids them in gaining valuable on-the-job experience by shadowing an experienced lawyer and fulfilling requirements to qualify with the Ministry of Justice and obtain a federal lawyer’s license. As a result of this effort over 30 Emirati lawyers have opened their own offices and now provide ongoing impact to the country.

Ecological footprint:

As a socially responsible firm, we are proud to be members of the Green Building Council (EmiratesGBC), which is a unique independent forum that works towards promoting and creating green building policies and regulations throughout the UAE.

Developing the legal structure:

We are currently committed to providing 1,000 hours of pro bono service to the wider legal community through the Dubai Legal Affairs Department (DLAD) worth AED 1.8m, as well as free training seminars and presentations to clients as part of our value-added services. Furthermore, we were proud participants of the ‘Goods Will Initiative’ campaign and were recognised by the Dubai courts.

Professional legal development:

Galadari has been a long-standing and contributing law firm across the Emirates, giving back to the legal community. Notably, we are one of only five law firms to have collaborated with the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs (GLAD), where we have created, developed and delivered a continuing professional legal development course (CPD). In our ongoing effort to continue developing the skills of the wider business community, our clients and the future generation of the Emirates, we deliver regular CPD seminars, share insights and deliver sessions through our lawyers on subjects which include: Civil Law, Corporate and Commercial, Finance, Intellectual Property, Insurance, Employment, Construction, and Real Estate.

Equal opportunities:

Alongside this, we provide an environment which supports diversity and inclusion, ensuring that our active recruitment policies place no bias when attracting and retaining talent. Our firm currently offers a service in 16 different languages and is represented by professionals from around the world.